Friday, December 9, 2011

I really gotta get better at this....

really? am I really doing another post about how I haven't blogged for months? blah. I need to be more consistant. That's what my teachers tell me to! they say " you can't just miss random days without tell me!" well... hmmm. Maybe that's just me... always changing... Variety is the spice of life though right? Ok so catch up time? [again] HMm so I had my choir concert, and I had a solo... I think it went well :D ummm. Yesterday was my pops B-day, and today is spencers. Birthday wishes :) ummm... I don't know, my life has been pretty dull. I guess. I should get off because I have an essay for history, four math assignments, study for science, math, sewing, and english tests. Yeah... Well peace out! ^__^

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Anonymous said...

Dear Brooke,whaht a schedule!! What you need is more TIME. love Babs the gram



I am in AZ!

HAHAHHA! I am here :D :D, WE came down here for debbies wedding which was about two days ago she now the happy couple is married and has their own appartment. WE are going to be here till friday just chillin and having fun with family! Love ya! seeya soon :D:D:D

nerds :[

oh my gosh I was walking threw the hall, and I saw these two nerds playing ninjas... :/ oh my goodness why in the middle of the hall? I mean I am nerd too but the only place I play ninjas is up in my bed room.... alone. :D well hahah I guess thats it :D :D :D


sigh.... everyone knows that sundays can be insane..... But mine seems the mostest est est insane !!!! I have algebra, I had to go to church and hour later or something like that. But my lesson today was on optimism... Maybe I should try it some time...

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RonTuinei finally Does It!!!
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hey i am back!

I got back from az about a week ago!!! fun right? but I haven't been able to update my life has been so hectec.... I don't know how to spell it but who cares? lolz hehehehehhe..... I have basket ball tonight and a game tomorrow at twelve so..... I am not sure where it is but once I find out I will post it in case some of you want to come! ttfl ily! heheheheh bye :D

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My first blog !

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